My love, my story

Life is love, and I live for the love of food. I am Madame Sunshine.

I am on this earth to make food that brings a smile to your face.

This is my mission, and this is my story...

I was born in Ghana, a hot and atmospheric place where my soul - and appetite - was strirred by natural food bursting with taste and spice. But later, living in England, my dairy allergy made it difficult to find tasty sauces that were quick and easy to use.

My free spirit was constrained, and I had to find a way to unleash it again. So I decided to create sauces and chutneys with no barriers to enjoyment. First at home, and now for you.

Everything is dairy and gluten-free, and everything is vegetarian. All the work is done by me for you, so you are free to share the love with your friends and family. And watch their faces light up with smiles.